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One ball, two goals,
and... toasters!


A slice of chaos!

Toasterball is a physics-based multiplayer (1 to 4 players local) sports game, where toasters are athletes, bread flies everywhere and the gameplay changes every time you score a goal!

Pro moves!

Your characters are toasters, so you can expect some chaotic physics and random situations, but there is also a real learning curve, with pro moves like the double jump or the deadly "TURBOFLIP".

Unexpected variants

After each goal, a random gameplay variant is selected. New ball physics, lava pits, portals, moving platforms or explosions… No two matches are the same!

Iconic arenas

Visit the 5 unique arenas from the game: the legendary Toasterball Arena, the mysterious jungles of the Panachado Forest, the historic Breadington Square street court, the majestic castle of the Tartembourg village and the warm beaches of Porto Rada.

Custom mode

Customize your matches by choosing any combination of variants and arenas you want. Play with miniature toasters, with or without bread, and even change basic rules like the number of points needed to win a match or the damage your toasters can withstand.

The Athletes

Markus Decker

"The Prodigy"

Where he's from, there are not a lot of options for young toasters to avoid a life of crime. For Markus, it was an old gym, a lot of training, and the courage to never give up on his dreams.

Frank Belleville

"The Law"

Some say he used to be an infiltrated Interpol agent, fighting his way into the league to dig dirt on the Toasterball Federation. Now it seems his old identity is just an echo of the past.


"The Machine"

He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is the heaviest. 6 pounds of steel, and just enough “enhancements” to barely pass the doping regulations.

Olivia Rotelli


We all thought she was retired for good, but the great gymnastics champion is now back in the spotlight, ready to jump around, kick toasts and chew bubble gum.

Yuki Owa


Always travelling around the globe, you’d think Yuki would know a lot about the world right now, but she seems to spend more time on airplanes and hotels than really visiting any country.

Sonny McBeam

"The Racer"

When he's not fighting in the league, this little racer is always going at top speed on some country road. If life is just a highway, you can bet he is going to ride all night long.

Leni Öfter

"The Gifted"

Forgotten under the christmas tree, this gifted little toaster raised himself in a dump, with only dry toasts and old tennis balls to play with. He now wears his wrap as a symbol of its past.

Edward Panhinilton

"The Spy"

What? Who said anything about paninis? I assure you, Edward is 100% a toaster, and definitely not related with paninis or sandwich presses of any kind.

Johnny Klarstone

"The Survivor"

This adventurer has set up camp in the jungle, in search of a simple life far from civilization. Now, the only reason he has to come out his shelter is the Toasterball World Cup. Also, to recharge batteries.

Kasia Prolinski

"The Brain"

This incredible scientist from Poland can play Toasterball, download music, render 3D graphics, and do your taxes AT THE SAME TIME! If not, try rebooting her, it should do the trick.

Andrea Phelippes


Armed with the secret combat techniques of her Incan ancestors, she hopes to one day prove herself worthy of her family's clan by bringing back the Toasterball world cup.

Felix Delitter


Sweet, agile and playful toaster with grey coating looking for a loving family. He is vaccinated and tattooed. But seriously, don't eat the toasts.

Jack O'Burnel

"Rusty Jack"

Built and raised in 19th century Oklahoma, this old pile of scraps is a living Toasterball legend. Sure, he is a bit rusty, but he's still got a couple of tricks up his slots, I tell ya!

Anna Wolf


Say to hard... Really she is but? Heads their on playing from toasters prevents nothing, technically.

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