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They Can Fart



Les Crafteurs
Based in Lille, France

Release date

Early Access: May 3rd 2024,
Official release: June 14th 2024


Windows (Steam)


Competitive Platformer
Capture the Flag


1 to 6 player, online





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Yes, they can fart… but they can also jump, dash, shoot, plant seeds and glide across the stars! ☄️

They Can Fart is a 3v3 online game of capture-the-flag in space, with incredibly satisfying air control and frenetic combat.

You play as little one-eyed creatures jumping from planet to planet within a vibrant cosmic jungle. Over the course of the game, your objective will be to:

- Find “the seed”, a big white bulb that spawns near the center of the galaxy,
- Pluck the seed from its hole in the ground and take it with you,
- Bring it to your home planet as quickly as possible, without having it stolen by the opposing team (and also without getting shot, squashed or propelled into the infinite void of space, if you can),
- Plant the seed in one of the three bud holes in your planet to score a point,
- Repeat until you score 3 points and win the game!

With its intuitive controls and quick-to-learn rules, you'll be able to dive into online games quickly, right in the middle of flying bullets, explosions and orbiting corpses of little creatures!

Keys features

A bustling colorful galaxy

Explore the game's rich and vibrant environments, between microscopic oddities and the immensity of space. Glide from planet to planet in a strange ecosystem filled with shifting grasses, multicolored bushes with eyes, and weird sentient tentacles with no respect for personal space.

Extremely satisfying air control

A simple press of the jump button and here you are, floating in space, pulled from all sides by the various forces of the planets around you. Play with inertia by orienting your stick, or use the closest orbit to propel yourself at full speed across the galaxy, gliding between stars with style and precision.

With a little practice and a few well-placed dashes, you'll quickly become an ace of air control, reaching your target before anyone else to win the game! (provided you don't smash your head on another creature or some stray bullet going by)

High-energy tactical combat

To get the seed to your planet, you'll have to learn to defend yourself, you flatulent little cyclops! You can stun your opponents with a dash to the face, or by firing a special bullet. The latter comes in two equally deadly versions:

- The circular shot, which goes around the planet. (warning: can come back in your face very quickly)
- The tunnel shot, which crosses the planet in a straight line, creates a large explosion at the other end, and continues on into space.

Once your opponent has been properly knocked out, you can pick up his body and throw it into orbit, as far away from the objective as you can (cruel you). On the other hand, grabbing the body of a stunned ally speeds up healing and gets them back on their little feet in no time!

Add to all this the game's unique physics, its set of fast and precise movements, and a whole host of dangers scattered across the galaxy (we advise you stay away from the noxious red blobs, by the way) and you've got a dangerous and unpredictable battlefield, where every tactical micro-decision can make the difference!

Play with friends, with strangers... or both!

You can quickly start a game in a number of ways:

- The “Quick Play” mode, accessible with a single button from the main menu, sends you directly on a lobby to find an online match,

- You can also set up a group of friends by sending them an invite code, and play online as a team against strangers, or in a private game with total control over your game options.

Note: As the game is still a little-known indie title, you may sometimes have trouble finding people on the servers. If that's the case, feel free to pop on our Discord server and send an invite code to try and create a game that way!

Although the game is mainly played in 3v3, it's perfectly possible to launch a game with fewer players, to settle some bad beef with a sworn enemy in 1v1, for example.

Our highly-trained farting bots will also happily complete your teams, or fight against you in thrilling “human vs. machine” training matches. (feature available from June 14, 2024)

Competitive, strategic capture the flag

The game's mechanics foster teamwork and high risk-taking: thanks to the energy bar mechanics, the weight of the seed that slows you down and makes you vulnerable, and the healing system, it's hard to score alone! Victory conditions, which take into account the possession time of the seed, ensure that the outcome remains uncertain until the very end.

A fart simulation envied by NASA L

One absolutely central mechanic of the game (we swear) is that your little eyeball on legs can also fart. Discover a rich library of gazeous squeaks, adjustable in pitch and degree of smothering. Some very advanced (and smelly) means of communication.


→ Originally titled “Globo”, the game originated from a 2016 prototype made during our time as students. It already featured planets, circular shooting and of course... lil’ gazy creatures! This version was a fixed camera local multiplayer game in which you had to keep a flag on your planet as long as possible.

→ In September 2023, Globo's development resumed with financial support from Pictanovo. The game reinvents itself as They Can Fart: it swaps its local multiplayer for an online one, retaining the essence of its gameplay but focusing more on the cooperative and high-energy aspect of the experience, all while keeping the toots, of course.

→ The game undergoes an intense and invigorating development, including the making of an in-house online multiplayer engine and our first steps with FMOD, an audio middleware proving to be a considerable time-saver. Despite all of this, the rather tight publication deadlines force us to somewhat neglect communication around the game.

→ They Can Fart released in early-access on Steam on May 3, 2024. The event is kind of low profile, by design, as it's all about testing the servers and testing the waters with our existing community.

→ This early-access period leaves time for better communication around the game, including an event every Thursday at 9pm, also called “Fight the Devs Thursday”, giving us the chance to test new updates, gather feedback, and merrily humiliate our players on the game.
Page Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2739900/They_Can_Fart/


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